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Find Out What Is A Greater Health Threat Than Obesity

According to an article in the Huffington Post, “One in 10 deaths is now attributable to inactivity”. Yes, that’s right, inactivity has become a major threat to the health of people. Believe it or not this number is almost as many deaths that can be attributed to smoking.

A sedentary lifestyle is now considered by public health researchers to be a global health crisis. Crisis do you know what that word means? To help you out here are several meanings of the word as stated on dictionary.com:

“1. a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined; turning point.”
“2. a condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change.”
“3. a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life.”
This means this matter of inactivity is very serious. I know you are saying oh come on D’TaRelle it can’t be that serious! Why don’t you take it easy, it’s not like Aids or Cancer or World War, it’s just inactivity. But this is the thing about inactivity, if left unaddressed it causes major problems in our future. Yes it takes a some time to experience the effects of it, but by the time you do it has grown to something that becomes more and more difficult to address with time.
The next time you see an elderly man or woman shuffling along, bent over until they have a hump in their back and barely moving, you will be looking at the results of inactivity. Ask that person how do they feel, more often than not they will probably tell you that they have pain, arthritis, stiff joints and loss of mobility. Notice I said the word “loss”, and it’s not like loosing or misplacing your keys and then you find them. To regain this loss takes a lot of effort and pushing through the pain. It is like pushing a big boulder up a hill.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. So right this second, I mean right this second march in place for 5 minutes. Or walk around your dining room table or walk up and down the stairs in your home or around your block. Make sure you move your spine in different directions and deep breath and stretch your joints and muscles. The entire thing can take 10 -15 minutes it doesn’t have to be long. You do want to make it a habit though.
Did you move, walk or match and do a little stretching and move your spine great!!!! Give yourself an “Atta Girl or Atta Boy”or whatever will make you feel great and acknowledges that you accomplished a great thing. Now just like you want to retrieve a file the next time you want to use it, find a space in your day to fit in activity and movement. For me I find if I want to get something done I do it first thing in the morning or else it doesn’t get down.
Pick a time that is best for you and one in which you will be consistent. You may find that you have to play around with the times because of your schedule, that’s fine do whatever works for you. It also pays to know yourself too, so if you get bored easily build in variety. Do this ahead of time so you will be prepared, ready and successful. Start small until you create the habit. First create the habit then work with the duration and intensity.
If at first you don’t succeed try, try , again. Please know that it’s okay if you’re not perfect and don’t do it every single day. If you miss just start back up the next day. Notice what was in the way and handle it so that you will be successful next time.
This reward can be sitting down to watch your favorite show or reading those stacks of magazine you’ve been meaning to get to or to chat with a friend. Savor these good feelings too. You can also use words of congratulations and encouragement. In fact I highly recommend this one. Say to yourself the things you wish others would say to you like. “You did it!”, ” See you can accomplish your goals.”, ” Great job (your name)!!!!! You decide what you’d like but make sure it’s not an ice cream sundae or food unless it’s healthy. You may decide that you want to reward yourself with a gourmet meal. It’s all up to you.
I’d love to hear how you made out and what you are doing to be active. There are so many things that you can do that are both relaxing and soothing that count also. Things like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or just plain old stretching count as an activity. Be sure to include your kids and loved ones, even your pets.

10 Responses to “Find Out What Is A Greater Health Threat Than Obesity”

  1. These facts certainly give more credence to ‘move it or lose it’.
    The body is meant to move on a regular basis, and it is also
    a gateway for emotion, spirit and energy.

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      I am glad you realize that our bodies are the gateway for our emotions, spirit and energy. Without our wonderful and magical bodies we would not be able to experience all the wonderful things that life has to offer us, like delicious things to taste, smell, feel and see. Beautiful music to dance to or sing, sway or tap your feet to. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! for our bodies!!!!!

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Thank you Paula for commenting and please visit again.

  2. Love this!! I am so a believer in this.. If people weren’t so immobile, they wouldn’t be where they are at!! It can be a daunting situation.. I think that you have to really want it too!! But is have to start changing for the health of us all to get better!

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Sometimes people just need to be reminded and encouraged. When it comes down to it we really want to love ourselves, take care of ourselves and be the best us we can be. It just takes taking that one step and consistently taking it every day.

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Oh yes thank you so very much for commenting. I am happy you loved it and found it useful.

  3. Great post! Working from home and knitting as I do it is easy to get out of moving about and remain sitting most of the day, which I will admit happend when I first started working from home. But now I make a conscious effort to be more active. I start the day by going for a walk with my mother inlaw, not too far but I live by the sea so we walk along the sea front ( I do some of my best thinking on this walk :)) and at least 3 times during the day I run on the spot for 5mins and 5mins stretching excersise. I feel so much better since I started doing this.

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! FOR YOU DIANNE JONES!!!!!!!WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! That is so wonderful that you are taking a proactive approach to your health and well being. Thank you so much for sharing and please come back and visit again.

  4. What a great subject to share with all of us!
    Procrastinating on exercising can really become costly, I know how I feel after I have exercised nevertheless I often find excuses not to do so.
    Creating the habit is not hard it’d just a mindset thing.
    What I do is to write it in my to do list every single day just to remind me how important exercise is.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Thank you so much for sharing Patricia. You are right it is a mindset thing. I think it’s great that you put it on your to do list!!!!!!YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

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