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When Do You Feel That You Need An Expert?

This post is mainly out of curiosity because both my husband and I are experts in our area with many years of experience. He is a Registered Architect with over 30 years of experience and I am a trainer and Dance and Movement Consultant in Early Childhood Education with 20 plus years of working with children teaching both dance, creative movement and fitness. We are both amazed at how people hire us and then try to tell us what to do. Even after we explain that because we are professionals in our field and are licensed we have certain guidelines that we must follow.  This in turn is best for them, our profession and every one involved.

Even after this lengthy explanation we still get my uncle he built a shed and he did such and such and such and he didn’t do it the way you are doing it. Or my cousin’s wife aunt has a dance school and she has such and such and the works and why don’t you do it this way and really what I ‘m trying to say but I’m not saying out loud is I really know more than you.

I then explain to them that I have tried many different methods over the last 20 years to see what works and what doesn’t. I am still learning and will continue to use leading edge tools and techniques to accomplish the goal I have set and that is to help to develop happy, smart and healthy kids in a way that is fun and engaging and will produce the greatest results and that my way happens to use dance and movement as well as other tools that are age and developmentally appropriate for children. I also explain that my methods are not traditional methods although they are still very effective  and get great results and  yet they still want me to do it like Mary Jo’s Dance School down the street.

So my question to all of you is when do you feel that you need an expert? You can also answer do you think a person has to be in a certain profession to be an expert and also, is it necessary to use an expert in some areas and others not so much. I ask this question because from my experience people feel that they only need experts for certain things and not others.

I personally feel that I want the best expertise that I can find for my money. It doesn’t matter what field I am dealing with, whether it’s a teacher for my daughter, help with my taxes or any other professional advice.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinion on this.Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and experiences. I’d love to hear from you.

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