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Family Time: An Important Component In The Emotional Growth of Your Child

Emotional growth is a very important element and component in the overall development of your child. Making sure you put a priority on carving out family time is crucial to the success and esteem of your child. We would never go days without feeding our child nor allow them to miss days of school unless they were sick. We make sure if it’s frigidly cold that they dress warmly and apply sun screen in the hot summer heat. It’s important to take the same type of care with their emotional growth.

Why is this important? Our emotions affect our quality of life. If we don’t feel good emotional it affects how we see things and our perspective. When you have an opportunity,take note of how the way you feel affects your outlook.  In Early Childcare we are really attentive to the whole child their emotional needs, cognitive, social and physical needs. We develop curriculums in which children feel safe, heard, can learn and grow and develop on many different levels.

This same approach needs to be taken as children grow older from preschool on into adulthood. When children don’t have strong emotional bonds with their families they suffer. They go into their own world to create the bonding and nurturing that they are lacking. They can also become angry and withdrawn. This adversely affects their success in school and in life. One of the most important things that everyone wants to feel is loved. Part of feeling loved and important is when the people you love want to spend time with you.

To children it is more important when their parents are happy to see them and want to spend time with them. It doesn’t have to be anything major and can mean so much. I have a teenage daughter and as I was coming up the stairs from the garage she was watching me. When I saw her I (to put it in her words) lit up, I greeted her with and enthusiastic “Hi !!!!!! and her name. She started to chuckle, but imagine how she felt. It was small deposit in the bank of my daughter’s esteem and very well worth it. Those deposits over time add up.

Unlike money you can’t make a big lump sum payment or deposit. Before you know it days, months and years will have passed by and you will wonder where the time has gone. Your baby is no longer a baby, but a teen, college student or fully grown. At that time you will probably have the time to spend with them but they will not.  They will have become accustomed to not being with you or spending time with you. They will become accustomed with being with their friends or boyfriend or girlfriend. So now is the time. Whatever age they are now, start now.

I was talking with one of my clients that has been in childcare for over 35 years. She was telling me that she has never experienced the anger that she is seeing in kids today. She said they are really angry! And the problem is at preschool age or sometimes other ages too they cannot put their finger on why they are angry. They cannot articulate it or put it into words, this is just how they feel.

To get an idea of just how kids today may feel, I look to my daughter. It is a family ritual in our home to have at least one meal together as a family, especially on Sunday mornings before church. This past Sunday my husband and I were starving having had an early and light dinner the night before. Normally we just have cereal around 7:30 and then eat with our daughter again at 10:30. Well this particular day we decided to eat our big breakfast at 7:30 and I would cook her her meal when she woke her.

As I was watching Creflo Dollar, I hear doors slamming, pots clanging and then I hear her yell. “YALL ATE BREAKFAST WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” From the sound of her voice smoke was coming out of her head. Man she was hotter than a smoking pistol! I come out of my room and explain to her we were really hungry and decided that we would make breakfast for you when you got up. She didn’t even hear any of that. She was off to her room behind a slammed door.

I tried to explain it later as I was taking her to work. She explained that my husband and I  normally eat cereal and then we all eat our big breakfast together, which is true. I started to understand and see it from her point of view. It wasn’t a matter of just eating food or getting nourishment. It was a matter of being included, sharing time together and doing what we normally do as a family. Initially I didn’t see it that way, I just looked at as she was going to get fed.

I am sharing this with all of you because this is really an important issue that we need to address. Our children need us so let’s try to carve out the time in theirs  and ours busy schedule. Please feel free to share you thoughts and comments. I’d love to hear from you. Also get a free report on healthy eating, weight loss and activities that you can do with your child at http://www.healthykidsweightloss.com

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