Many adults when they think  about any type of movement either think exercise or dancing. For adults there’s a means to an end in movement. On the other hand  children think and learn with their bodies and the process of moving is like a laboratory to them. Children are experiential learners as most of us are. What makes a richer learning experience for children is when they learn the same thing or concept but in a different way.

For example if you teaching your students a lesson on the number 4 . Why not have them pretend that they have four legs by crawling on the floor. They can pretend to be a horse, dog , cat, or even a turtle. So crawling on the floor is great for kinesthetic learners or learners that love a hands on experience when learning.

Ask them how else can we learn about the number 4. They can then put 4 blocks on the floor equal distance apart and jump over each block while counting each block. You can also include a lesson on speeds by asking them to jump over the blocks slow speed, medium speed or fast speed.

You can take those same blocks and turn it into a lesson on rhythm and timing as well as patterns by clapping the blocks together to makes sounds or accompany music. You can vary the beats and sounds by where you place the emphasis. You create an emphasis with space ( a place where there is a pause or no sound).

You don’t need blocks you  can clap you hands to, but children love props so I recommend blocks or legoes or even rhythm sticks , anything that produces a sound. Here’s an example. Strike once,pause then altogether strike 2,3,4. Have them count aloud each time they clap or strike it’s a count.

These are great activities because it stimulates creative imagination and thinking. It also helps with listening skills, focus and concentration and is excellent for all 3 types of learning styles, auditory, visual and kinesthetic. It engages a child both mentally and physically which makes learning fun and interesting. So give it a try, there are so many ways children can learn the same concept.

I’d love to hear from you and learn what you do and what works for you. Feel free to leave a comment and have a great day.