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Educating Children – The Profound Impact of Teachers

This Halloween was extra special as I ran into one of my old students. At such a young age, she is around 3 years old now, I was very surprised that she remembered me. What a wonderful surprise when I opened the door after hearing Trick or Treat and there stood MeAni. At first I recalled the face but could not remember the name. Once I was told her name it all came back to me. I remembered the school  and even her teachers.

I asked her if she remembered Ms. D’TaRelle the dance teacher and a big smile came across her face. We both were delighted as we remembered one another. I then began to name her previous teachers and her director. This may not seem like a big thing to you but it is.  The last time I had seen MeAni was some time in May or June of this year. It is now almost November and usually children don’t remember someone  they see only once a week, over that long of a time span. But MeAni did remember me.

I am convinced that she remembered me because not only did she learn new things in our dance class. Not only did we do things to build socialization and cooperative skills, memorization, balance and coordination skills. The biggest reason that she remembered me was that every time we met we had fun. Yes! people fun! We learned, jumped, skipped and galloped. Did plies and chase( pronounced plee- a and cha- se).  We learned and did Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop dances and moved all around her class room using our imaginations.

Every time I came to her school there were good times and good feeling as well as learning and MeAni remembered those feelings. She didn’t have to tell me that she remembered those feelings and experiences , her smile and body language told me everything.

What a wonderful feeling to know that you had a positive impact on a child and contributed good experiences to their lives and taught them skills that helped build brain architecture and life skills as well as brought fun and pleasure into their lives.

Remember teachers and parents your interactions and impact that you have on children last much longer than the time you spend with them directly. Please remember this when you interact with children as well as others.  Although we are not perfect we can come to work with a big smile, open heart and mind and an intention to do our best and do good. You are special and so are your students. Remember that everyday. Peace.

2 Responses to “Educating Children – The Profound Impact of Teachers”

  1. Hello my Friend!
    What a great article. You are right that our little ones learn by repitition and most of all FUN!! keep giving us the wonderful experiences and encouragement to continue to love our children through dance!
    Love you!
    PS- Chasse’ :)

  2. DTaRelle says:

    Thank you for that insight. I never thought about the fact that not only are we educating and building better brains and bodies through dance but that we are also loving our children too. You are wonderful and smart my friend. Love the new look of your website. Love you too.

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