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It’s Never Too Early To Teach Your Child About Gratitude and Appreciation

From a very young age, as soon as they can talk we teach our children to say “please” and “thank you”. In preschool they make cards for Mother’s and Father’s Day and present parents with small tokens of appreciation. It is a good idea to not only reserve this for special occasions like Mother’s and Father’s Day but to make children aware of all that there is to appreciate in their lives and in life in general.

Now this could be because I travel from school to school and spend maybe one to two hours in a school at a time, but I see students making all sorts of things for special occasions but I do not hear the teachers discuss why they are doing it. I rarely ever hear teachers discussing with children if they are celebrating holidays like Veterans Day or Fourth of July or other holidays  that we are grateful for what was done for us so we take time out to remember that and be grateful for that.

I am very willing to give teachers and directors the benefit of the doubt. I see a lot of great teaching going on in a lot of my schools. And as I mentioned before  I am not there the entire day and am only there once a week. My intention in consulting in my schools is to provide an enriching and rewarding experience for my students and the teachers and directors as well as the parents.

I find when people are grateful and show appreciation it makes them feel great. It makes them happy. They are looking at the positive aspects of their lives and what’s right about it. I feel that sense the focus and attention are on the good and positive, this generates even more good and positive. Looking at what works in one’s life creates a positive frame of mind and stimulates creative thinking. These are things we want for our children, to be happy and optimistic and creative thinkers.

When children are happy it is easier for them to learn. It is easier for them to think creatively and have a positive outlook on life and in life. Going beyond just good manners and going deeper into an explanation and understanding of these two concepts of appreciation and gratitude will give them great life skills that will serve them well.

The explanation doesn’t have to be a deep one. It can just be explained that feeling grateful is like feeling happy. They are happy that they have their mommy which is why they want to give her a card and make her a picture for mother’s day. It would also be nice for children to learn that appreciation and or gratitude can be shown at anytime not just on a special day.

While we are on the topic of gratitude and appreciation, I want to thank all of my readers whether you are new or have been with me from the start. I want to thank all of my Pitter Patter Feet parents, directors, teachers and students, especially the ones that were there before Pitter Patter Feet was formed. To all of my wonderful and fabulous friends, mentors, teachers, colleagues and advisors, thank you! Extra special thanks to all of my families starting with my immediate and blood families, AKA Sorors and fellow Greeks and my Alpha brothers, Facebook and Twitter families and a great big shout out and thanks to my Ultimate Blog Challenge family!!!!!!!!

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