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How To Develop Your Child’s Natural Talent and Abilities Without Being Too Pushy

As a parent we want the very best for our children. We want to see them accomplish their greatest potential and live the life of their dreams. We want them to be happy and experience fulfillment through out their lives. One of the ways that we assure that this happens is through nurturing and developing their natural talent and abilities.

In this day and time of fierce competition, and go, go, go, with no time for rest for fear that we and our children will be left behind, getting the best for your child with ease and calmness is a challenge. Not to worry, help is here, I am going to make this easy and simple.  Listed below are some things you can do.


1. Remember your intention is doing and getting the best for your child, so relax and have confidence and faith in yourself that you will do the right thing. Your intentions are very important and count for a lot. They are going to be your foundation on which you will build a wonderful life for your child.

By wonderful I don’t mean that they are going to be happy all of the time. They may not agree with all of the  choices that you make for them. Some times there will be difficulty and challenges that they have to make in accomplishing their dreams. For example, my daughter wanted to originally go to boarding school. This required her to do extra studying and writing essays. She was not too happy about this and we had to constantly keep reminding her of her goal. It required asking her if this was still a goal of hers.

The decision to even consider boarding school  was a very difficult decision for my husband and I. We are firm believers in parents being the first teachers and influences for their children so we originally felt that going to boarding school was like allowing someone else to raise our child or the child raising themselves. We had to pray long and hard and ask for guidance because we didn’t want to allow our fears and misconceptions to hinder our child’s growth. This is what I mean by starting with yourself first. You have to make sure that you are open to other perspectives and points of view and explore deeply into your child’s desires.

2. Remember that it is your child’s life not yours. Your child may be just like you or not. So just because you wanted to be a famous Ballet dancer and never had the opportunity don’t leave your dreams through your child. Allow them their own dreams.

3. Sometimes because you didn’t have a particular experience growing up. You will have an opportunity to provide it for your child. Just make sure it’s what they want not what you want or you feel that they should have. Remember this is a natural gift or talent that they have. It will be something that will naturally reveal itself if you are open to it.


This is the easy part as well as the fun part. You are going to pay attention and notice all of the things your child is interested in and does. Does he or she love to draw, write or scribble. Do they love doing things with their hands? Are they creative? How are they creative? Are they independent and like to do things on their own or are they more social and like working in groups. Noticing all of these things will give you clues to their natural gifts and talents.

Jonathan Horton, an Olympic gymnast and 17 time medalist, climbed up to the ceiling of a department store. Instead of his parents scolding him they enrolled him into gymnastics. Jonathan was 5 years old when he walked into  his first gym and one day hopes to open a gym of his own.


Alex Morgan, a member of the U.S. Women’s Olympic Soccer Team, gave her mother a note that she had written saying ” I want to be a professional athlete.” She was just 5 years old at the time. After watching Mia Hamm an Brandi Chastain, two previous Olympians, is when she made this determination. So take advantage of sporting events, the theatre and arts, when you’re watching tv or the movies, school trips and other experiences. Books are also an excellent place to expose children to different things that they might want to do.


Lastly make sure the influences that you expose your children to are positive and life affirming. Be encouraging and open and remember children are very influenced by their parents when young but as they grow older their friends and peers can be a greater influence. The media as well as social media and the internet are influences that were  not around 10 years ago but are very prevalent now. So be sure to monitor the shows they watch, and other influences that are can have an impact on them.

I would just love to hear your thoughts on this and what has worked for you. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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