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Something To Make You Chuckle And Brighten Your Day

Kids are so funny and can give you such a great laugh with the things that they do and say. I’d like to share some of those moments with you now.

My girlfriend has an adorable 3 year old boy. Her and her husband went out to dinner with him recently. After being seated they removed all of the knives from the table, as a safety measure. Well he was not having that and yelled to the top of his voice:”GIMME BACK MY WIFE!”

His father just recently got braces on his teeth. After admiring his father’s braces he said to his parents:” I want bracelets on my teeth too.”

His mom was driving and trying to figure out which way to go. As she was deciding he screams from the back seat: ” GO TO NEW YORK CITY AND MAKE A LEFT!”

My friend and I were having such a good laugh.  It felt so good to have a break  and laugh. I marvel at how wonderful her little boy is. In addition he is also very smart. They were in the grocery store and he says to his mom: “Mommy that’s just stupendous!” Shocked his mom looked at him and then he replies “You know Mommy stupendous like awesome.

Wow!!!! isn’t that amazing that not only did he correctly pronounce the word but he actually knew what it meant. That is a joy and a pleasure to hear.

Just wanted to share a chuckle with you to brighten up your day. If you have any funny things that your child or children have done or said please share them with us we’d love to hear them. Please post your comments below.

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