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Something To Make You Chuckle

March 4th, 2013 Posted in Something To Make You Chuckle

I get to meet and know my parents through their children. I am also so pleased when I experience what my students’ parents have taught them.  The other day I was giving out stamps at the end of class. As the students were lining up to get their stamps the smallest one in the class Nia noticed a paper cut on my hand. You know booboos are a big thing in preschool so everyone gathered around to see this paper cut.

So Nia, takes my hand and says “You have a boo boo let me see.” Then she says” Be careful. Let me kiss it to make it better.” This tickled me to no end! I started smiling from ear to ear. I can tell her mom probably did this with her many, many times before. It just tickled me how the roles were reversed and she sounded like such an adult. I told her don’t worry Nia I will be more careful in the future and off she skipped back to class after giving me a hug and a high five. Is it any wonder why I love my job!

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