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Something To Make You Chuckle

So I have this great big attitude, lips poked out and everything because I thought my husband bought bagels for him and our daughter but not me. I am having a hissy fit about it and just can’t believe. I am ranting loud enough through the house and everyone and their mother can hear it. There are only 3 people in our house mind you. So my husband hears it and he is yelling from the attic trying to get out of the dog house by trying to explain, but I am in the midst of just luxuriating in my hissy fit so I don’t hear clearly what he is saying. Meanwhile my daughter is over at the kitchen sink bent over it in laughter as my husband and I are carrying on.

Not only that she is tweeting about it on Twitter!!! “I can’t believe my mom is still sick over the fact that my dad bought me and him a bagel and not her. LOL.” She is just having a blast and thinks it so hysterical that I am so upset over a stupid bagel! Can you believe she even shows me the tweets on her phone.

Finally, I go up into the attic and ask him what was he saying. He was trying to tell me that he had bought 2 bagels one for me and one for our daughter. She was rushing out of the house and didn’t have time to prepare it and neither did I, so when he got home later he ate one of the bagels. He was explaining that he wanted us to have fresh bagels. I felt so bad and apologize for the misunderstanding.

Meanwhile my daughter is yelling from her bedroom that tomorrow morning she’s going to give him money to buy some apple turnovers. She’s going to give him enough money to buy 3. Then she says for me, me and me. We all started laughing hysterically. Hope this gives you a tickle.-)

4 Responses to “Something To Make You Chuckle”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. It definitely made me giggle, but it also sounded very familiar when I get a bee in my own bonnet. :)

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Thank you for stopping by Jenni and I’m glad it made you giggle. :-). Please come back again. :-)

  2. lol. Isn’t that always the way it goes when we make assumptions? But now the guy gets a freebie next time he *does* do something brainless. 😉

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      I should give him that right Cheri he deserves it after listening to all that ranting and he’s trying to do something nice. Thank you so much for stopping by and do come back again.:-)

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