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Children’s Self Esteem Is Built By What They Can Do

Adults feel great about themselves by what they know. Children feel great about themselves by what they are able to do, and boy do they love to do. In my dance class today we worked with balls with my mobile infants. I think they are around 9 -12 months. Out of a class of about 6 only two of them are walking so our activities are confined to the floor. Mobile also includes crawling and scooting around. No worries though there are plenty activities that we can do on the floor.

Last week we had a combined class of mobile and non mobile infants. I was ecstatic because that meant the class was twice as long and we could do more things. So that’s when I thought about the balls. Children of all ages love balls. Balls and bubbles are two things that children love. I was trying to think of an activity to do with them involving a ball when I spotted a short little tunnel. I said to myself this would be a great time to teach them about “inside”.

So I grab the short tunnel and put it in the middle of the room. I took a ball and said “I’m putting the ball inside.” Then I  gave the ball to a student and asked them to put the ball inside. This little cutie pie didn’t miss a beat she put the ball inside the tunnel. YYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I scream excitedly. Thank goodness we had  three balls, so the children could have a turn quickly and not have to wait.

Some children get really frustrated when they have to wait, so it’s best not to keep them waiting. It’s not their fault though, their patience hasn’t developed yet, that is something for another day that.  What I usually do to help them learn patience is stretch out the time I have them wait. Sometimes I just wait and see how long it will take them to get frustrated, some babies especially the ones that aren’t moving around yet, like to just study and observe the object and don’t necessarily have to have it in their hands. Others need to have it in their hands and touch and explore it that way. At any rate they didn’t have to worry about that because the teachers and I were scrambling all over the place getting balls to them.

Each time we would say “Put the ball inside”. It was so much fun. After awhile they began to mimic us, it was so cute to hear the sounds. Although they were not words yet we could tell what they were saying by the rhythm. This exercise was intentional. I not only wanted to give them the experience of seeing the ball go inside the tunnel but learn the words too. This helps tremendously with language development and skill.

When babies and children are learning a new skill or even one that they like a lot, they will want to do it over and over and over again. To us it will feel like okay that’s done, we’re finished right. To them the party is just starting, thank goodness I had another class to teach and the timer on my phone went off signaling the end of class.

This is an excellent and fun activity to do with your child. When they are old enough you can ask them to take it out and put it back in. They will love it and you will be helping them to feel good about themselves and be confident. Try it and let me know how it turns out. Please also share this with family and friends both online and thorough social media. For more information on healthy kids activities please go to http://www.healthykidsweightloss.com and pick up your free ebook.




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