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Celebrating You!

The new year is here so it’s out with the old and in with the new, so why not celebrate you. Yes that’s right how about you look at all the things that make you wonderful and uniquely you. The fact that you made it to 2013 is reason enough, many different people of all ages do not make it to see 2013 and you did! YYYYYEEEEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


Yes and Yea or Yay, are two of my favorite words. We don’t hear those words often enough. Why wait for someone to say yes to you or cheer you on. Why not do it for yourself? If you feel silly at first do it silently. The point is that you do it. After a while it will become second nature, a habit. It is sooooo good for you too. You will instantly feel a change in your mood for the better.


I know this might not be an easy thing to do at first so I’m going to give you some examples of when to do it. Keep in mind that at first it might not be easy to start saying it to yourself first so you can start with other things like:

1. You see this beautiful dress and you know that you could rock it better than a rock concert with Mick Jagger, Marone 5 and Jimi Hendrix combined. SAY YES!!!

2. The car of your dreams is in a magazine. SAY YES!!!

3. The love of your life be it your spouse, mate or child just smiles at you. SAY YES!!!

4. You just made a delicious meal your family is raving about, or you put yourself together just so and are really hot to trot! SAY YES!!!

Are you getting the picture? You don’t always have to say it out loud you can just say it to yourself, but even if you just say it to yourself there’s only one requirement. You see those exclamation points at the end of the “yes”. They are there to show excitement, emotion, feeling. So it can’t be the kind of “yes” like someone is calling you and you say “yes”. No sirree Bob that’s not going to cut it. This is a celebration we are talking about here. So it has to carry some spice, some sizzle, some yeah I know I got it going on! It cannot, I repeat it cannot be a wimpy yes.


Once you’ve gotten in the habit of “Yes!” turn it on yourself, for any and everything you want for yourself and others. Any time you see, hear, or experience anything that makes your heart sing, makes you happy, feel divine or lovely or excites you give it a “Yes!” Also remember to “Yes” others as much as possible you will find that that makes you feel just as good. You are acknowledging to yourself all that is good and right with the world and yourself. Doing this will always make you feel good. Please try this and let me know how it turned out for you. I’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

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