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Children’s Self Esteem Is Built By What They Can Do

Adults feel great about themselves by what they know. Children feel great about themselves by what they are able to do, and boy do they love to do. In my dance class today we worked with balls with my mobile infants. I think they are around 9 -12 months. Out of a class of about 6 only two of them are walking so our activities are confined to the floor. Mobile also includes crawling and scooting around. No worries though there are plenty activities that we can do on the floor.

Last week we had a combined class of mobile and non mobile infants. I was ecstatic because that meant the class was twice as long and we could do more things. So that’s when I thought about the balls. Children of all ages love balls. Balls and bubbles are two things that children love. I was trying to think of an activity to do with them involving a ball when I spotted a short little tunnel. I said to myself this would be a great time to teach them about “inside”.

So I grab the short tunnel and put it in the middle of the room. I took a ball and said “I’m putting the ball inside.” Then I  gave the ball to a student and asked them to put the ball inside. This little cutie pie didn’t miss a beat she put the ball inside the tunnel. YYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I scream excitedly. Thank goodness we had  three balls, so the children could have a turn quickly and not have to wait.

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What Is Positive Discipline

I taught a parenting workshop on this very topic today. I was so happy to see so many parents come out, especially dads and grandfathers. When I asked this question to the group you would have thought that I asked the square root of 1024. They all looked at me with blank faces.  The answer to the square root question is 32 by the way.  So I changed the question to , “What do you think “positive discipline ” is? I explained to them that in answering this question there is no right or wrong answer because they were only giving me their opinion but they were still reluctant to answer.

So now I am asking you. What comes to your mind when you hear the words  “positive discipline”. Do you think it’s for young children or all children even teens. I’d like your feedback of what you think it is. Do you use positive discipline when dealing with your children? If so share with us some examples. Please leave a comment about this below. I look forward to hearing from you.

I will give you my answer in tomorrow’s post so please comment and then come back tomorrow for the results. Until tomorrow have a wonderful day!

Did You Know?

My daughter did a sweet thing. She purchased gifts for her grandparents in Georgia. We have been trying to mail these gifts for the longest, since around Christmas time. Part of the problem was remembering to put them in the mail the other part was remembering to add a note.  I explained to my daughter that she needed to add a card to the gifts or at least a note.” What?! Really?! Mommy! You know I am not a note person” she whines.

If you are a mother you know how we can have the bad habit of finishing off stuff for our children. We finish the food on their plates ( which I have made a promise to myself to halt immediately, even though I slipped this morning during breakfast). We are making sure they do this or that or finish this or that. But I have come to the realization that that’s not helping her to be independent and have good follow through skills. A skill she will definitely need in the future if she wants to accomplish her goals and dreams. So I was determined that I was not going to write the note and sign her name.

Finally she wrote the note today. She even made sure that she put the bag of gifts in my car so that we wouldn’t forget them. I was very proud of that. This is an example of children doing what they see you do not necessarily what you tell them to do. At least this was a good thing, and a habit that I know will serve her well when she’s on her own and I’m not there to remind her.

So I go to the post office and I ask the postal clerk which size bag or box can I put these items in and he says “You can mail the tie but not the perfume.” What! I say are you kidding me?!!!!” No Miss. you cannot send perfume through the mail you can try UPS or FEDEX.” What! I say again my mouth wide open. In my head I am thinking my mom would have the fit of life if my dad received something and she didn’t.  And I wouldn’t blame her, I would be looking in the mail for my gift too. I would assume oh they just mailed them at different times, my gift will be here soon too.  Anyway, how many of you out there knew this and who knows what you can or can’t mail through the post office. Please share it with all of us so that we don’t waste valuable time that we really don’t have running to the post office only to be told that we have to run another errand that we don’t have time for either. Please really do share because I’d love to hear from you and would love to know also.

Increasing Your Odds Of Success With Your Child

Every parent always wants to do the best for their child. They want to ensure that there going to be a success. One of the ways that you can ensure success is by giving them a strong foundation. My Facebook friend and fellow blogger, Victoria Elam of http://www.vickielam.com ,were discussing four agreements that we live by. Since we feel that by living these agreements we will be more likely to have a fun, happy and successful life, we share them with our children.


As parents we need to remember that our children have minds of their own. We can provide all of the tools, give them countless opportunities and a ton of guidance but in the end it is up to them. Knowing this we can still stack the odds in  favor of success, by doing several things like maintaining our parental role, being consistent in setting guidelines, boundaries and being a great example. One other factor that I feel is really important is always praying for your children

If our children are constantly immersed in a positive and supportive environment, they are more likely to be positive adults. But positive doesn’t mean perfect. What I mean by positive means that the good out weighs the bad and positive interactions are more prevalent than non-positive. They get to see us not be perfect and not get it right every time and yet still live by our values and principles. In turn we get to also see that they are trying, learning and doing their best. This is especially true if you have teenagers, especially teen aged girls. You’re probably saying it’s true for them all because I have both or just boys.

The main point I want you to take away from this is that all we can do is our best and the same goes for our children. But if in addition to all of the other wonderful and loving things that we do for them we also include “The Four Agreements” we will increase their odds of success. Those four agreements are :

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions.

4. Always Do Your Best.

The “Four Agreements along with the love, support and all of the other things you do as a parent will give your child a very strong foundation for success.  It takes a village to raise a child and 360 degrees to make a circle. Let’s fill that circle with wisdom and positive perspectives that help create amazing children. Please share your thoughts and ideas and let me know what you think.


I am so happy and grateful that the children, families and faculty of Sandy Hook Elementary school are in the process of trying to regain normalcy again. It helped so much to hear how the children were so excited to come back to school and to see their friends. I also really appreciated the sensitivity, and compassion shown by the police department there. They were very interested in making sure that the school still appeared to be a school, while protecting everyone. This would help the children in returning to their normal routines and the life they had before that tragic incident.


What I find so wonderful about this is that the police were trying to find a win-win situation for everyone. They looked for and found a way to do their jobs in protecting everyone and doing it in a way that would also protect the children’s emotional as well as physical well being. I feel that this is a good start that we can take even further.

I felt this approach combined both the hearts and minds of people. This same approach needs to be taken in our school system overall. A wholistic approach to educating and preparing our children for the future will result in children that are better prepared to be successful and productive adults. As a Early Childhood Consultant and Trainer, I see the vast differences in how we prepare our young and what happens once they reach elementary, middle and high school and beyond.


In Early Childhood Education we make sure that development and learning are taking place in four key areas. These key areas are the corner stone of Child Development, they are Physical Development, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development. Although there are many different types of curriculums, they all are built around these four cornerstones.

The best way to think about it is to look at how buildings are built. First a foundation is built that will support the building. The taller the building the deeper the foundation has to be. When that foundation is being built,  the builders don’t focus all of their activity on one side of the building or one area of the building. All parts of the building is being built on the same level basically  so that the building isn’t built lopsided. So if you can imagine a square building all four corners are being built at the same time and moving up from there.

Using the Early Childhood Model, development in all four core areas are taking place at the same time. Any areas that need more development depending on the child are addressed. From my observation this approach seems to stop at first grade and cognitive learning takes over from there until the child graduates from high school.


The reason why this model needs examining is because you can’t detect deficiencies in emotional or social development. It’s not designed to catch and correct these deficiencies before they become harmful to the person with this problem and society as a whole. There is so much emphasis on test scores and grades and not enough attention on skills and characteristics that are needed in adulthood besides book knowledge. Skills like empathy, compassion, cooperation are not emphasized as much. Children used to develop these skills during recess or at afterschool  programs. Also things like creativity and creative expression are non existent.

I want to make one thing clear. I am not knocking the school system. I am not the first parent and educator to feel that there is so much emphasis on test scores etc. I do feel that we have to look at the bigger picture and try to prevent as much as possible on all levels, deviant behavior. In looking at how  bullying, violence and other anti-social behavior deeper to get to the origin of it,  we can create a happier and more safer world for us all.