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Something To Make You Chuckle: A Funny Dad

I am so happy and blessed to still have my father. He overcame with the help of God, Leukemia and is doing well today. I love talking to him because every time we get on the phone we always end up laughing so hard at the things he says. He doesn’t try to be funny. It’s just the way he says things and the tone of his voice that just tickles me to no end. I think the thing that makes me laugh is that he says things that I’m not expecting him to say.

So we’re talking and he tells me how he and my mom used to donate to a certain organization. When he was diagnosed with Leukemia my mom got on the phone with this organization to ask for help, since they had contributed to them for many years. They told my mom that my dad didn’t have the right type of disease and they were unable to help them. What! I said to my dad you’ve got to be kidding really dad. Yep, he says that’s what they told us. So I say to him I guess you don’t contribute to that organization any more. “HECK! NO!, DON’T MAKE ME SAY BAD WORDS!!!!” in other words don’t get him to cussing.

He said that and I started cracking up. “Bad words Daddy “, I say  cracking up. You don’t expect your parents to say something like that. After all they are all fully grown so if they want to say a bad word or have a potty mouth they can very well do it. It’s funny to me because I expect something like that to be said by my preschoolers not by my dad. It was wonderful to have a great laugh with him.

I hope this gave  you a little chuckle. Have your parents ever said funny things that  make you laugh but aren’t necessarily meant to be funny. Please share them with us in a comment below. Have an amazing day! :-)

Something To Make You Chuckle

March 4th, 2013 Posted in Something To Make You Chuckle

I get to meet and know my parents through their children. I am also so pleased when I experience what my students’ parents have taught them.  The other day I was giving out stamps at the end of class. As the students were lining up to get their stamps the smallest one in the class Nia noticed a paper cut on my hand. You know booboos are a big thing in preschool so everyone gathered around to see this paper cut.

So Nia, takes my hand and says “You have a boo boo let me see.” Then she says” Be careful. Let me kiss it to make it better.” This tickled me to no end! I started smiling from ear to ear. I can tell her mom probably did this with her many, many times before. It just tickled me how the roles were reversed and she sounded like such an adult. I told her don’t worry Nia I will be more careful in the future and off she skipped back to class after giving me a hug and a high five. Is it any wonder why I love my job!

What Is Your Favorite Commercial

This is my favorite commercial. It tickles me how he is just talking to this candy like she is a real person. He is so believable. I love how she gets all upset and catches an attitude because she thinks he loves her for her brains. She just can’t get over the fact that he just loves everything about her. He just loves her because she is chocolate. I also love his accent. I get so tickled every time I see this commercial. This is definitely going to go on my mood lifter list! Looking at your favorite commercials are a great stress buster as well as a mood shifter.

Something To Make You Chuckle

So I have this great big attitude, lips poked out and everything because I thought my husband bought bagels for him and our daughter but not me. I am having a hissy fit about it and just can’t believe. I am ranting loud enough through the house and everyone and their mother can hear it. There are only 3 people in our house mind you. So my husband hears it and he is yelling from the attic trying to get out of the dog house by trying to explain, but I am in the midst of just luxuriating in my hissy fit so I don’t hear clearly what he is saying. Meanwhile my daughter is over at the kitchen sink bent over it in laughter as my husband and I are carrying on.

Not only that she is tweeting about it on Twitter!!! “I can’t believe my mom is still sick over the fact that my dad bought me and him a bagel and not her. LOL.” She is just having a blast and thinks it so hysterical that I am so upset over a stupid bagel! Can you believe she even shows me the tweets on her phone.

Finally, I go up into the attic and ask him what was he saying. He was trying to tell me that he had bought 2 bagels one for me and one for our daughter. She was rushing out of the house and didn’t have time to prepare it and neither did I, so when he got home later he ate one of the bagels. He was explaining that he wanted us to have fresh bagels. I felt so bad and apologize for the misunderstanding.

Meanwhile my daughter is yelling from her bedroom that tomorrow morning she’s going to give him money to buy some apple turnovers. She’s going to give him enough money to buy 3. Then she says for me, me and me. We all started laughing hysterically. Hope this gives you a tickle.-)

Preschool and Politics

Politics and preschool are not two words that you would be used in the same sentence ordinarily. But this is exactly what I thought about as I listened to one of my five year old students tell me about why she was glad Barack Obama won the election. I was so surprised because you don’t think that preschoolers are even concerned about things like this.

Politics seem way out of  a preschooler’s league. You would think they would be more concerned about Elmo, Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, The Backyardigans or Thomas the Train. They have more important things to be concerned about like when are their mommy coming back or who is their friend today. But as I talked with her further I realized the reason why she was so ecstatic that President Obama is still our president.

In her little tiny voice she described to me how she didn’t want Romney to win because he was going to take away her show. Her show being Sesame Street, a tried and true staple of American kids everywhere. Of course her being the five year old that she was this was a very important thing for her. In her world Elmo, Big Bird, and The Count really did count for a lot for her and really help make her world a better place.

You make think that this is not a big thing but I’d like for you to look at the bigger picture. What she is actually saying is that yes, I ‘m a kid  and I need to learn things that will help  me to become a happy and contributing  adult. But I also need to have fun, to have joy, that there are things to learn in life and experience that have an intrinsic value. They are in life just to experience and the experience itself is extremely valuable because it’s what makes life more enjoyable and enriches life and helps growth to occur.

Who knew that politics would reach all the way down to preschoolers. That even preschoolers have a stake in elections not just from the budget aspects or curriculum aspect but just for their own personal enjoyment. Who knew that children even paid attention to things like this.  Well I am here to tell you they do. Our children are far more wiser and aware than we give them credit for. Just something to think about.