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There Is No Such Things As Cute Germs

As an Early Childhood Consultant and Trainer, I have the wonderful and amazing opportunity to work with children from infancy up to school aged. While I have loads of fun working with my students and teachers one thing was not fun, getting colds.  When I began working in childcare centers I could not believe I often I got colds. It is no fun trying to do your job sneezing and hacking all over the place. You feel miserable, your head is pounding or you’re all stopped up, it’s terrible. You also don’t want to spread germs to the children and other staff members. The babies and children were cute and adorable but the germs weren’t. In a child care setting there are steps you can take to keep the spread of germs down.


One easy place to start is with hand washing. This might seem obvious and you might do it and teach your children to do it, but are you doing it correctly. There are 9 steps to correct hand washing. Nine steps you say you’ve got to be kidding. No I am not, I was very surprised too, but after reviewing them it all made sense.  In a child care center there is a lot of sharing and touching going on. Also because there is not a lot of space per person and children and adults are in close proximity to one another it is very easy to spread germs.

It is recommended that a hand washing poster be posted in bathrooms to remind children and staff the correct way to wash hands and avoid germs. This is also a great practice when you’re out and using public restrooms. Since children spend much of their time in school, this is a great place to start.

1. Check and make sure you have all of your supplies. like paper towels and soap. If possible avoid those air dryers. Paper towels are much more useful.

2. Turn on the water, it should be between 60-120 degrees.

3. Moisten hands and apply liquid soap.

4. Rub hands together and all over out of the stream of water, making sure to get in between the fingers and both the inside and outside of the hands. You should rub vigorously for at least 20 seconds or the time it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song. In some of my schools they have a Hand Washing Song. It is sung in the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.

Scrub, scrub, scrub your hands .

Get them nice and clean.

Scrub all over, in between.

Get them nice and clean.

5. Rinse under running water and leave water running.

6. Dry hands with a paper towel.

7. Turn off the water using paper towel.

8. Throw away the paper towel in a lined garbage can.

9. Use hand lotion as needed. I didn’t think this was such a big deal at first until the instructor who is a nurse, explained how you didn’t want your skin to get cracked from dryness because that was an opportunity for germs to get in.

Since most germs are spread by hand, keeping your hands and your children’s hands clean and moisturized will do a lot in helping to cut down on the amount of germs. How do you help to prevent the spread of germs? Please share them with us, we’d love to hear from you. Please share this post with your friends and family and also comment below.


Take A Few Minutes for Self Care You Deserve It

As a busy mom, wife and entreprenuer I feel that I am always rushing about worrying about  or caring for other people. I have made a decision today, that since the Spring is a time for renewal, one of the things that I am going to do is commit a few minutes a day to self care. And when I do it I am going to remind myself that I deserve it and I do this because I love me. The exact words are going to be ” This I am doing because I love you and you deserve love.” You can substitute the word “love” with “pleasure”, “joy” , “ease”, ” to be happy”, ” to be pampered” , what ever you want to use but just make sure you just stop and take the time to do it.

I did something like this this morning while putting on some scented lotion. I just stopped rushing and just took a moment to just inhale in the scent. It was a wonderful experience that just transported me to Heaven or the Garden of Eden. I closed my eyes and breathed in slowly. It took less than a minute to do that but it added much more in the way of joy and pleasure into my life and day. At that time I didn’t add the words but I plan to in the future, starting later on to day as a matter of fact.

Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t think that doing something for a few minutes is going to make a difference. We feel that we need a whole spa day or a vacation or an entire one hour massage. When sometimes all we need is to take some deep breaths, or sip our favorite herbal tea, or inhale a nice scent either from a candle, perfume or flower. Sometimes all it takes is to just stop and look at our loved ones, or out the window or at something that makes us smile, feels good or inspires us.

We can afford those few minutes a day that it will take to do this. This is not a luxury but absolutely mandatory for our health and emotional well being. Doing this will interrupt the pattern that we’ve created of rush, rush, rush, rush, rush, rush, rush! We will be communicating and telling ourselves with not only our minds and mouths, but with our actions that we are worthy and deserving of good, of love, of time and attention. We will not be looking for a mate to do this for us, they will just be icing on the cake not the cake itself. We will  provide self love for ourselves.

So before ending this article stop and take some nice deep breaths and plan when, where and what you are going to do to take care of yourself just for a few minutes today. Be sure to give yourself a lot of different options and times during the day to feel good, admire something beautiful or think of something that makes you smile.

I’d love to hear what you came up with or what you do now. This will  give us all some great ideas to work with and we will all benefit. Have an amazing day!

The Power and Beauty of Sisters Coming Together

This weekend I had the one of the most awesome experiences in attending and teaching at an event that supported women. It was a Sisters Healing Sisters event, and they had their annual Spa Day. This is a free event where sisters come out for a couple hours to get pampered and prettied. What I love about the event is that it’s not only about getting the outside pretty and nourished but nurturing your soul too.

The theme this year was on releasing those bags. All of the emotional baggage that we unconsciously carrying around like anger, resentment, depression, abuse, shame and guilt and many other emotions that don’t serve us. Well the whole theme of the one day conference was letting all of that stuff go. The great thing about it was that not only were you to leave your baggage, you also had sisters all around you that were there to support you. They had your back as we say, “I got you.”, as the kids say.

Well when you get 50-70 women or more praying and praising God in one area, and not holding back but going for broke, you have got some dynamite like power working! It was like we were all transported to another place. It felt as if we had left earth and were in some other realm, it was truly amazing! I know I keep using these words like awesome and amazing but those words really don’t adequately describe the experience. In the church we call it “slain in the Spirit”, it really did feel like the old part of us that was carrying all of that baggage died.

This happened in the early part of the conference. After this part of the conference, you could see such a change in the women. Their faces glowed, they looked so beautiful and shiny like new money. They were laughing and smiling and having a good time.

I learned two powerful lessons from this experience. One was that you have to trust the leaders that God put in charge, this included myself. I taught a Yoga class using Gospel music as well as a Zumba class also using Gospel music. This was the first time that I had ever done it this way so I had some concerns, even though I prayed and asked for help and guidance in choosing the music. It turned out my concerns were unfounded, because it was such a hit. There was another part of the conference where I was expecting things to be one way and didn’t understand one of the other leaders directions but decided to do my best and follow along. When I let go and trusted, that’s when all of the amazing experiences began to happen.

The second lesson I learned is that when we come together and support one another, listen to one another and put our own worries and concerns to the side we are still blessed. By taking the focus off of our own problems and worries and just being there for someone else magical things can happen. There is a saying “There is power in prayer.” Well I experienced this power this weekend and my hope and prayer for you is to experience that power also. Write back and let me know if you have already or when you do. I’ll be so happy to hear from you.

Mommies Don’t Be So Hard On Yourselves

As a mother, wife and entrepreneur, I know how it can get really hectic and you feel like you need to be an octopus and a clone all in one. Some times things do fall through the cracks and sometimes you forget your dinner is on the stove and it burns.

Even though we are moms we are not super human and sometimes we trip up and mess up, but even though we do we are still good people. We have great intentions and want to do the best for our family, our community, our kids school and PTSO and our church, unfortunately we can’t do them all at the same that we do the laundry, run errands, run a business, work at a job, car pool, help with homework, watch the neighbor’s son while she runs to the nursing home to care for and visit her mom. I do know that that was a run on sentence and that is precisely the point.

Our lives don’t seem to have periods just commas, that seem to keep going and going and going and going. We can’t even seem to come up  for a breath with out someone saying Mommy, Baby, Honey, D’TaRelle, where are my ______. You get the picture right.

So I, D’TaRelle F. Tullis am here to tell you give yourself a break, lighten up, and breathe. Buy yourself some flowers are something that smells nice. Buy the way Bath and Bodyworks in Jersey Garden Mall is having their semi-annual sale where you can get some really great smelling bath products for as low as $4. Check your area to see if this is happening there too. And if you are conserving your finances at the moment look in your bathroom  or medicine cabinet or dresser where you keep your perfume and just take a whiff.

Tell yourself, Girl you got it going on. You are the best! You are hot! Then you have to walk or rather sashay around like you are the queen of existence because you are. My whole point is to stop and take a break and do something just for you. Don’t make it a major project or something you have to plan, get a baby sitter or make into a major production. Just something simple like flip thorough a magazine or have a cup of your favorite tea or do both. Even if you just closed your eyes and breathed that would be phenomenal!!! So go ahead and come back here and let me know how it turned out.

Support In Helping You and Your Child Achieve Your Movement Goals

We all need all the support we can get when it comes to achieving our goals. We think it is easier said than done to achieve them but I ‘d like to turn that around and make it easier done than said. Listed below are some quick tips to help you be successful in achieving your movement goals.


Notice that I didn’t say exercise goals or fitness goals. I used the word movement because we tend not to have any preconceived thoughts about movement like we do about exercise and fitness. For some people just hearing the word exercise makes them want to jump under the covers.

You want to think more in terms of ” I want to move my body or I’m going to move my body today. I am going to move it a little more than usual and I’m going to move it in a way that’s fun and pleasurable for me. All movement counts and adds to your daily movement total. So if you just stand and swing your arms from side to side, this counts. If you take the stairs instead of the elevator that counts. So does parking further away from the entrance to where ever you are going.


Begin your mornings with an open ended question of ” How am I going to move my body more today?” and follow what ever inspiration comes. Having a great morning and day starts the night before. So being in bed by 10:30 pm if you are rising around 6 am is great. But you need to know how much your body needs personally for sleep. It doesn’t have to be the standard 8 hours, you may need 7 or 9 hours per night of sleep.

Proper hydration and nutrition is essential so  plan for this too by having water on your night stand in your bedroom so that you can drink it immediately upon rising. Keep water in plain sight as a reminder to consume it through out the day. A great nutritional support are vitamins and minerals take them daily.

Prepare a list of possible ways that you can move more that appeal to you. Keep this list handy and where you can see it as a reminder. Not only do you want to keep a list but you also want to have an idea where and when will you do this activity. It ‘s okay to do these activities in small amounts of time. Three ten minute sessions work as well as 30 minutes, so don’t feel that you have to get it all in at one time.


Doing some form of movement is now going to be a part of your life. Consistency is a major part of success without which you will surely fail. So do something that will come easy and be pleasurable for you. Don’t listen to those people who promote insanity  and moving and jumping like you are crazy. This will work for you only if you are that type of person and you really need results fast. But if you are the type of person that will do that on day 1 and after being sore the next day think this is for the birds, you should probably do a different activity.


Life happens and I find that if I don’t schedule things, things don’t get done. It’s also not scheduling just to say that you scheduled it and then not do it. Put some thought into it and really think about am I really going to do this or can I really do this. Take into consideration your entire life and obligations and get extra help and support if you need it.


Determine that you will do this every day and forgive yourself if life happens or you don’t. I know you’ve heard this before but here’s the difference. Consistency is going to occur as a result of focus and determination. Because of this focus and determination you are going to immediately reschedule your movement for the next available time that day. Normally what happens is we say “oh I’ll start again tomorrow.” But you want to have the power of momentum on your side. So say for example you were suppose to work out this morning and you woke up late. Immediately look at your schedule and see if you can walk around the parking lot twice before heading in to the office or on your ten oclock break you are going to go for a walk or maybe lunch time or the afternoon break you get the picture right.


This is something like having a plan A, B, and C. Have this thought out ahead of time so that whatever amount of time you have you will be able to take advantage of it and use it well. Remember make sure to choose something you enjoy, like or love or that interests you. It’s okay to start small and be consistent! You can do it! Tell yourself that as much as possible. Good luck and best wishes.