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Health Alert For Children: Enterovirus D68

Mother Taking Care of Sick Daughter

There is a respiratory virus, Enterovirus D68 that is moving quickly across the United States affecting young child. It is highly contagious and starts out like a common cold, but lasts much longer.  It has affected over 1, 000 children so far and is growing. Children that suffer from Asthma are particularly vulnerable.


Parents and caregivers should monitor their child closely, looking for any difficulty in breathing or speaking , shortness of breath or wheezing. If you are concerned seek immediate attention. The normal cold and flu symptoms like runny nose, coughs, sneezing and fever are present with this virus also.


Hospitals and doctors are treating this virus with medication that they’ve been using for asthma. In the story I was following all of the children are better and recovering . I was very concerned because some cases were so bad that they had to be admitted to ICU. Some children lost consciousness due to difficulty with breathing.


This is the time of the year where we should be advising our children and following this procedure ourselves of washing our hands more frequently. Instruct your children to cough or sneeze in their elbow to prevent spreading germs.

Even in my dance classes if someone has a runny nose I instruct them to blow and wipe their nose and then immediately wash their hands before returning back to class. I make sure they put soap on their hands and scrub thoroughly. Drying your hands are also very important, wet hands spread germs also.

Make sure you and your children are getting plenty of rest, eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking a lot more water and fluids. Citrus fruits have a lot of vitamin C and actually all fruits and vegetables are very helpful.

Stay healthy and alert to any warning signs, so you can respond quickly. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Wishing you a healthy and happy Fall season. Eat plenty of apples since this is a great time for them. Please feel free to share this on social media, your own site and with your family and friends.




Tweet for Preschool For Preschool Day

Lil tykes and Monique graduation 1-11-11 151

Today is “Tweet for Preschool Day” in New Jersey. It is being held by the ACNJ( Advocates for Children of New Jersey) and the New Jersey Chapter of the National Association for the Education of the Young Child. The tweeting will be going on before and during the New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate. The two candidates Chris Christie and Barbara Buono will have their second debate live at Montclair State University at 8 pm EST. Check the listings in your area to see where it is on television. It will also be online at MyFoxPhilly: http://www.myfoxphilly.com/category/272076/new-jersey-gubernatorial-debate-live-stream .

Let’s show the candidates that we care about providing quality education for our children and all children throughout New Jersey. You can go to the ACNJ’s site :  http://www.acnj.org/ , and look under the In the Spotlight area,  there are a number of tweets to choose from if you have a twitter account. If not you can easily set one up at http://www.twitter.com and follow the prompts there.

Have a great day! :-)

Pampering For Mommies And Other Caregivers

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, only a couple of weeks away. If you haven’t decided on a gift, a perfect experience would be a luxurious and delicious spa experience.  My sugar lump husband and I attended the Grand Opening of Indulgence Day Spa last night in South Orange, New Jersey. Harold Tullis is a Registered Architect (R.A.)  and this was one of his projects that he designed and provided consulting services for.

He spoke so highly of the owners Joye’ Foust and Patrice Hairston, that I couldn’t wait to go to the Grand Opening. “You will love the owners Joye’ and Patrice”, he said , “they are really nice people who know what they are doing and have an elegant style about them.”

I met them both and my husband was right. They are both beautiful inside and out. They made everyone feel welcomed and were very attentive to everyone. You might say, well you are the architect’s wife of course they were nice to you. And I would tell you not so, they were genuinely kind and caring to every one, I watched them interacting with all of their guests. They warmly embraced and talked to everyone and made you feel so wonderful!


Just imagine yourself putting your tired aching feet, after a long day of work in these beautiful custom made pedicure stations. Those beautiful white lace items are curtains so you can close yourself off and enter another world.


This lovely and gorgeous chandelier hangs two stories high and can be seen both from the second floor lounge area as well as the main floor. Your comfort and privacy were given top priority at Indulgence Day Spa, along with spectacular service and ample space to relax and be pampered.

Indulgence Day Spa is  elegantly decorated in an upscale decor that reminds you of another place and time. The owners Joye’ and Patrice are wonderful people and will make sure that your visit is a pleasant and transformative experience. You can read about the experiences of others here: http://www.demandforce.com/b/myindulgencedayspa

Please visit them and let me know how your experience was. Indulgence Day Spa is located at 61 South Orange Avenue South Orange, New Jersey 07079 and can be reached at 973-821-5609. Tell them Mrs. Tullis sent you and have a wonderful time. :-) D’TaRelle





FAFSA Help and Tips: From The Parent Of A High School Senior

I am  sharing my experiences as the mother of a high school senior preparing for college and completing the FAFSA form  with other parents and guardians that might be going through the same thing. My intention is to make it much easier and save you a lot of time by making it more manageable and sharing what I’ve learned from the process. Today I will share with you a few tips that will make the process easier.

1. Create a folder where you keep all tips and information from workshops, financial aid seminars and your high school guidance counselors as it relates to the FAFSA. You will probably get bits of information here and there from friends and family members who have completed it in the past as well as financial aid night at your school. If there was not a financial aid night at your school check neighboring schools.

2. Have your child make a list of the colleges that they have selected with their financial aid deadlines next to them. Do not wait until the federal deadline in June to apply it will be too late. Many of the colleges and universities base their awards on the FAFSA so you will need to go by their deadline. You actually do not want to wait until the deadline to apply; you want to apply as soon as possible. You can use your 2011 Tax Return. The reason why you want to apply as soon as possible is because you want to increase your chances of getting aid from the college and federal government which is given out on a first come first serve basis.

3. In addition to the financial aid deadline date for the college, you also need to know if  a CSS Profile is needed and the deadline for it, if it is needed. Not all schools require the CSS Profile, which stands for College Scholarship Service, it” is an online application that collects information  used by certain colleges and scholarship programs to award institutional aid funds.” This is another very important thing to know and file on time so that you have the highest probability of your child receiving all of the aid that they can get. So find out if your college requires it and get the code for it.  Your child can go into their College Board account and get this information it is under ” CSS/Financial Aid Profile.” It will give you directions and a list of schools and their codes.

4. Lastly you also want to be aware of your state deadlines for financial aid. They differ from state to state so be aware of when that is and write it down. Once you have successfully completed your FAFSA remember to immediately apply for your state’s aid. It should tell you that on the confirmation page.

So here’s a quick review in list form:

1. Create a FAFSA folder with tips and instructions on how to complete it. You can sign up for webinars on the FAFSA at the College Board site at http://www.collegeboard.org . Create an account here too for yourself even though your child has one so that you can be notified of any webinars on topics of interest.

2. Have your child create one list with colleges and their FAFSA codes, financial aid deadlines for the college and whether they require CSS Profile and the codes if they do. All of this should be on one sheet with the telephone numbers to both FAFSA help and CSS Profile help on the same page.

3. Immediately apply for state aid after you receive your confirmation.

Please come back and tomorrow for more tips and help on the FAFSA. Tomorrow I will cover the things that you need to have ready when you sit down to actually complete it. It is not as terrifying and nerve racking as some people make it out to be. You can do it! If I can do it so can you. For more information you can visit the  FAFSA site at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov . I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to comment in the reply space below. Feel free to share what you have learned from your experiences.

Did You Know?

My daughter did a sweet thing. She purchased gifts for her grandparents in Georgia. We have been trying to mail these gifts for the longest, since around Christmas time. Part of the problem was remembering to put them in the mail the other part was remembering to add a note.  I explained to my daughter that she needed to add a card to the gifts or at least a note.” What?! Really?! Mommy! You know I am not a note person” she whines.

If you are a mother you know how we can have the bad habit of finishing off stuff for our children. We finish the food on their plates ( which I have made a promise to myself to halt immediately, even though I slipped this morning during breakfast). We are making sure they do this or that or finish this or that. But I have come to the realization that that’s not helping her to be independent and have good follow through skills. A skill she will definitely need in the future if she wants to accomplish her goals and dreams. So I was determined that I was not going to write the note and sign her name.

Finally she wrote the note today. She even made sure that she put the bag of gifts in my car so that we wouldn’t forget them. I was very proud of that. This is an example of children doing what they see you do not necessarily what you tell them to do. At least this was a good thing, and a habit that I know will serve her well when she’s on her own and I’m not there to remind her.

So I go to the post office and I ask the postal clerk which size bag or box can I put these items in and he says “You can mail the tie but not the perfume.” What! I say are you kidding me?!!!!” No Miss. you cannot send perfume through the mail you can try UPS or FEDEX.” What! I say again my mouth wide open. In my head I am thinking my mom would have the fit of life if my dad received something and she didn’t.  And I wouldn’t blame her, I would be looking in the mail for my gift too. I would assume oh they just mailed them at different times, my gift will be here soon too.  Anyway, how many of you out there knew this and who knows what you can or can’t mail through the post office. Please share it with all of us so that we don’t waste valuable time that we really don’t have running to the post office only to be told that we have to run another errand that we don’t have time for either. Please really do share because I’d love to hear from you and would love to know also.