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Body Love: Helping Children To Appreciate Their Bodies

It is never to early to start teaching children to love and care for their bodies. When our children are little we make sure they brush their teeth and wash behind their ears and clean their bodies. We try to make it fun by putting toys in the tub and making lots of bubbles for them to play with while they are there. We want it to be a fun experience and one that they will want to do over and over again.

This is a great time to start having children acknowledging and appreciating their bodies. By becoming aware of and appreciating their bodies, they will be more likely to put nourishing foods and beverages into and take care of it in other ways. We can explain things to them like getting proper rest helps the body to grow and allows it to do all of the things that it needs to do to keep them healthy and have fun.

We can also explain to them that moving and exercising the body is very important for it also. So we need to encourage them to run, play, ride their bikes, swing and all the other physical activities that they enjoy and involves moving their bodies. In the beginning they may not understand depending on their age but we can instruct them and start them on the path to creating healthy habits early.


Here is a fun activity that you can do with your child either when they are lathering or putting lotion on their bodies or both. As they are lathering or putting the lotion on each part of their body they can say: Hello arms,  I love you arms. Thank you for working wonderfully for me. Hello elbows. I love you elbows. Thank you for working wonderfully for me. Hello face, I love you face. Thank you for being beautiful for me. Keep this up going over their body parts, tummy or stomach, shoulders, knees, feet etc. At the end they can say Thank you body. I love you body. It’s wonderful to be me ! You can make it into a song or change the words to be rhyming words.

The point of this exercise is for them to love and appreciate their bodies and to become aware of the importance of taking care of it and loving it. You want them to become aware and conscious of it as early as possible so that they can understand the importance of taking care of it. By becoming conscious and aware as well as appreciative of their bodies, they are building a great habit for a healthy living for now and into the future.

What activities do you do with your child to help foster a healthy love and appreciation for their body. Please share that here with us we’d love to hear from you. You can also leave a comment or question below. A free ebook on healthy eating and activities for children can be found at http;//www.healthykidsweightloss.com



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