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Baby Dance: Happiness In The Little Things

Today while teaching my infant class I got the greatest thrill. These little precious ones are  probably around 10 to 12 months or younger. None of them are walking yet and have support while they are dancing. They sit either in a bumpy or high chair. Other times they sit in our laps or support themselves on the floor. They can wiggle their bodies and move their arms and legs, bop their heads and my favorite laugh and giggle.

In this class we learn simple things like clapping, creating different rhythms and learning different body parts  and just the freedom of  moving their body. It’s also a time to learn about what their bodies can do and how the different parts of the body function differently from each other. Like how your hands can hold and shake a rattle but not your toes.

Each week we cover basically the same things, we even use the same music. But what I love most about it is that I see growth and development in my students. I can’t take all of the credit though because I also know that I have some incredible, loving and caring teachers assisting me. Something that may seem just ordinary to someone that hasn’t spent time with the children from week to week , to me is a big deal because I know where they started.


Today I had five infants 3 boys and 2 girls. One boy never let go of his bottle, he just watched attentively. He is still learning though because he is engaged and the mirror neurons inside of his brain are activated and working, mirroring me and doing exactly the same thing. It will take some time for him to make the connection between what’s occurring in his brain and how to duplicate that in his body. So if he just wiggles and aimlessly moves his arms I will be happy. I know he is learning and getting value out of the class.

We have this song that we do in every class. It is all of the children’s favorite song, probably because it uses a prop. That prop is a rattle, and they learn about cause and effect by shaking it. The name of the song is “Shake The Rattle Now With Me” it’s song in the tune of “It’s A Small World After All”.  They also learn how to keep a beat as they follow along with me.


Today 4 out of the 5 children reached into the container and chose their own rattle. I was ecstatic and so thrilled! In the previous weeks I had to reach in and give them all a rattle. I would give everyone an opportunity to choose but inevitably I would end of choosing for them. Not today, 80 percent of my class chose for themselves, that’s amazing.

Why was I so thrilled, by choosing  their own rattles they are  showing  confidence. They feel empowered even though they can’t speak yet. They feel good about themselves because they did it on their own. They learned that they “can do it”. This is powerful because when children learn that they can do, they want to do more and this is the beginning of building self confidence and esteem.

Experiencing the thrill of seeing my babies accomplish things and grow makes me so happy. In a different class at a different school my waddlers, they are 13 to 24 months, they are learning to share and trust one another by merely rolling a ball to one another. This is the foundation that children need in order to be able to learn to share and take turns. This is experiential learning at its best. We can tell them to share until the cows come home, but until they experience it for themselves and learn that it’s fun and an okay thing , it’s an up hill battle.

As you can see this is why I am so grateful to do the work that I do. I feel that I am helping to create strong, and happy children that aren’t just physically fit but emotionally, socially and cognitively fit also. Have an amazing and beautiful day! D’TaRelle :-)



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  1. What a gift you are giving these children. They are very lucky. Blessings.

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Thank you so much Mary Pat and blessings back to you! :-)

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