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Babies Dancing Early Helps Prevent Obesity and Develops Their Brains

You can do a lot for your baby by helping them to develop their brain and develop a love for their bodies and prevent obesity in the future by dancing with them. Many people mistakenly think that  you have to be a dance instructor or some other type of specially trained person in order to teach dance to your baby. While this is true there are things that you can do at home that your baby will love.

Babies are so excited by this new world and are anxious to explore it,  especially  their bodies and learning what it can do is very fascinating to them.  Now is a great time to introduce them to all different kinds of music and moving to that music is a great enhancement to that music. Both are great experiences and are positively affecting the baby’s growth and developement.

By now most people are familiar with the Mozart effect and the benefits of Classical Music for both children and adults. Baroque Classical music is the best tool to use for learning. It has a wonderful and playful sound to it that I find very soothing and is great for babies. Take advantage of this music and sing about their body parts while tapping on that part to the music. Count to them using your fingers, then go back and identify each finger. It is so much fun to do it to the beat of the music and will make it much more memorable.

You can do these things while they are sitting upright or lying down. It’s great to do different positions so they can see how their bodies can move in different ways in space. Lie children on their sides and lift their legs and arms sideways up in the air or out in front of them. Do the same thing on their backs. Make a song out of it using the child’s name.

Also while they are on their backs be sure to do movemnents that cross the midlines of their bodies, there are 3 of them. Imagine their belly button as zero and there are 3 lines intersecting this point. The lines are from left to right which is horizontal, up and down which is vertical and lastly from front to back. Any time one part of the body crosses this midline as in the left hand touch the right shoulder, brain connections are made in the brain.

Why would this be important. Just like you want a faster cable connection as opposed to using dial up  and you want a faster processor in your computer you also want a faster processing brain. The more connections made in the brain, especially the same kinds, the greater brain integration. When  the left and right sides of the brain are communicating, throug crossing the midline, this is brain integration.

Having the ability to process information more quickly and easily is a great advantage for your child. This will help make your child smarter. It will also be easier for them in school and what parent doesn’t want that for their child.

Lastly allow your child to move with the music if they are old enough. If not move their body for them or pick them up and dance and move with them in your arms. They really love this so and this is great fun for you both. All movement helps to develop the brain so don’t worry about trying to figure out how they will move this way or that. Just have fun singing and dancing and bonding with your child.

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