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Babies Dance Made Simple

Getting babies to dance is very simple. Just put the music on and let them have a blast. Or as my friends across the pond say ” have at it!” But something more is going on than just moving and shaking.  Brain architecture is being created, which means this little baby is building intelligence and a better brain. They are also building the foundation for three essential elements for a happy and productive life.

By moving to music babies are expressing themselves and developing spatial awareness and learning about themselves and their environment. They are learning about the world and how they fit in it and what to expect from it. They are also having a great time.

Secondly they are  having a great time while learning is very important because fun makes the learning experience more pleasurable it is likely to be repeated. Although babies are naturally curious anyway, learning and experiencing the sensations in their bodies encourages them to want to learn more and be confident about learning. So dance away with your child. You will instill within them a love of movement and exercise which can lead to creating healthy habits for the future.

The third thing, but not certainly the last, is that your baby will develop a positive attitude about trying and exploring new things. They will develop an “I can do it ” attitude. Their confidence will grow and become stronger.

So you can shake and shimmie with your baby, clap hands, pat your knees, turn around, hands up and down and legs to for that matter. You can play patty cake, head shoulders knees and toes and the hokey pokey all to music and do them again and again and again. It is not complicated and you can make it up on the spot . Your child will love it and suck up the attention they are getting. It’s also a great method for bonding . So remember don’t make it complicated, just move and have fun.

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