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Baby Dance:Babies Learn With Their Bodies

In a school where I teach the entire school from infants to school aged children for summer camp, I noticed an interesting thing in the infant class during dance time. When I have dance with infants and toddlers we need more teachers in the class than we would for just preschoolers or toddlers alone. The teachers enjoy this class and love to dance along also. I encourage them to dance along because it is great for the children to see them dancing and enjoying themselves. It is also great because the children tend to follow their teachers and me.

In this one class we started moving around the room, during the gross motor time of the class. This is the time where we jump, gallop and jog. It is important that children learn to work their large muscles of their arms and legs and also learn how to coordinate the two. So the teacher put one of the babies back in the crib to watch. Because this child could not yet walk she didn’t see the value in having her participate in this portion of the class. I understood her perspective because she didn’t know what I knew.

What I knew was that babies learn with the bodies and all of their senses. They don’t need to have to do the exact same moments, but still they are learning. They don’t distinguish and say now what I am learning is for cognitive development and now what I am learning is social development or now it’s pre-literacy time. They are just learning and exploring, it is all one thing.  And they also learn by experiencing sensations in their bodies. So not missing a beat I scooped the little cutie pie out of her crib. Hoisted on my hip we galloped and as we galloped I said the words, gallop, gallop, gallop , gallop. As she listened to the words her body was experiencing what a gallop feels like in her body. Her body went up down , up down up down. She was so tickled and had the biggest smile and made gurgling sounds.

We then moved to jogging in which I repeated the same thing and jumping. Although she could not move in this way yet, she still could enjoy what it was like to move her body to music even if it was through someone else. She also learned where her heel was and her toe on her body as we sang heel toe, heel toe, heel toe. As I said them to her I would touch her heel and her toe so she could learn what and where they were. We had a great time of learning and dancing.

So as you can see your baby can dance with you even if he or she cannot walk yet. They can experience movement both through you and on their own as you move their body parts for them. So keep this in mind and dance with your baby the next opportunity that you have .

Please try this and let me know what you experience. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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