A really fun activities that children from toddler to preschool age love is a rhythm and timing game called “Please, Please Say Your Name”. Learning rhythm and timing and being able to keep a beat is an essential skill that’s needed for all children. Mastering this skill will build an excellent foundation for reading and pre-literacy skills.

Learning rhythm and timing also helps children to learn to identify patterns. It is an excellent resource for all types of learners especially kinesthetic learners who have a need to move, touch and use their body for learning. They love the hands on approach and all the movement that is involved. This moving also helps to burn up calories in a controlled way. Teachers and parents love this because it allows their children to move and yet not be all over the place.


What teachers and parents love most about this game is that not only does it provide an outlet for using the boundless energy that children have and does it in a controlled manner, but it also teaches patience, collaboration and cooperation. It accomplishes this as each student has to wait until it is their turn. This is one of the biggest lessons that toddlers and preschoolers have to learn. Everyone wants to be first and no one wants to wait. This game also teaches children that waiting doesn’t have to be hard or boring. You can wait and have fun too.

Collaboration and cooperation are also big components of this activity. By waiting their turn the children create an enviroment of working together and harmony. They create something beautiful and wonderful to them and have fun while doing it. The great thing about this is that the children don’t even realize this. They aren’t concerned with pre literacy skills, pre math skills, patterns or collaboration and they are especially not concerned with being patient.

Although they are not aware of it , they love making the sounds, saying their name out loud, which actually prepares them for public speaking, overcoming shyness and to take pride in who they are. They love the applause at the end and the cheers from their peers and teacher. This activity builds their self esteem, helps them to learn to recieve and give praise and compliments as well as all the other benefits that where mentioned.

No matter what I do in my creative movement and dance classes if I leave this particular activity out I will get request upon request until I eventually do it. If some of my students come in late and have missed that activity they are really upset. Sometimes they are so upset that we will stop what we are doing and do that activity.

To learn patience is a great step in the development of any child. Even us adults can benefit a lot from learning patience. Patience also requires self control an essential ingredient if you want to be successful. And since we want to create successful, happy, healthy and fulfilled children as many tools and resources that accomplishes this goal as much as possible is useful.

I would love for you to share any experiences that you have had with your children in using either this or some other technique. Please feel free to share them. In addition you can get a free report on healthy eating and keeping your child fit at http://healthykidsweightloss.com