About D’TaRelle Tullis

How does a graduate of Rider University with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree in Actuarial Science end up teaching children from infancy to 12 years of age dance. Pure love, enthusiasm and fun is the answer. Along with a desire to build better brains, bodies and happiness through dance in communities and children that historically cannot afford  access to traditional dance classes.

Growing up with my mother and grandmother in Newark, NJ we could not afford to pay for dance classes. My grandmother stressed the importance of education as a vehicle to a better life free of public assistance. She also stressed the importance of giving back and being grateful for the sacrifices of those before you.

After achieving monetary  and professional success  in advertising sales and tape duplication services and acquiring my desires of a fur coat, car and my own apartment I began to look deeper. If I were to die tomorrow I thought, what would I have contributed to my people, and my community. From this reflection Pitter Patter Feet was born, combining two loves, dance and children. 

Since 1986 I’ve taught thousands of children dance and in 1993 formed Pitter Patter Feet, a mobile dance studio that services primarily at risk youth from infancy to age 12. I have taught all over the state of New Jersey and am a Professional Impact approved consultant. I have also taught Liturgical dance in the British Virgin Islands. I am an I Am Moving I Am Learning Faciltator and have studied many hours taking courses in Early Childhood Development.

I’ve studied in dance studios in both New Jersey and New York with some of the best teachers in the industry in the disciplines of Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Tap, African and Middle Eastern dances.

 I am the wife of Harold Tullis and mother to a daughter, who continues the dance tradition. In addition to dance I keep fit practicing Self Defense, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong and have over 30 years of experience and training in the dance and fitness fields.

A results oriented and dynamic teaching professional and consultant with superior interpersonal and communication skills, my teaching style is fun and intuitive. With expertise in developing an intuitive connection with each student I access their specific learning needs to help them to learn faster and easier. By making curriculums fun  and in learning styles that are suited to the young children and age appropriate,  makes learning something to look forward to and is effective.