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It’s 9pm Have You Hugged Your Child Today

When our children are infants, toddlers and preschoolers we have a tendency to shower them with hugs and kisses. It seems like the older they get the less affection we tend to show. By the time they are teenagers we cannot remember the last time we gave them a hug and a kiss. They don’t want it you say. They complain about it when I give them a kiss or hug. All that is probably true but it changes nothing. All humans need affection and touching. It is part of our make-up, we can’t help it.

Touching keeps the connection between people. It lets people know you care about them and love them. No amount of words can  do what one caress can do. Touch is how babies thrive and grow. One of my church members daughter was born prematurely. Her and her husband went to the hospital every day to see and be with their daughter. She was telling me one day how this one baby never had any visitors. She never saw either one of the parents at all. This sadden the both of us because we knew that baby was fighting for their life and something as simple as a touch would have helped so much.


It doesn’t always have to be a hug or a kiss. You can have a special handshake or touch a part of their body when you are talking with them like an arm or shoulder. My daughter is seventeen and I still sometimes hold her hand. Not to often though because I get the “OH Mommy!” Just the other day while we were at the hair salon and I was talking about writing this she was protesting in the chair. I didn’t do it that day, but today while she was in a good mood, I  starting talking to her in this gibberish that you normally reserve for babies. We were home so I knew it was safe and at the end I said “Let me give you a hug and a kiss. She did, one on each cheek.

Think of other ways that you can connect through touch with your child. You might rub their back or feet or even tickle them. Be playful, they might protest but that’s okay. They will know on a kinesthetic level that they are loved. Let me know what happens, I’d love to hear from you. Have a great day!

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